Booster Club

The Manchester Memorial High School Booster Club was established more than 40 years ago to assist activities within the school where ever assistance is needed. Assistance may come in a variety of ways including volunteering at sporting events and funding activities that are not covered by the District's budget. Many student organizations have been given additional funding by the Booster Club allowing many students to attend regional or national events. The organization conducts many charity and/or fundraising events to provide the money needed for many student activities.

2022/2023 Officers

President – Kimberly Buckholz

Vice President – Sue Knowles

Treasurer – Jon Lahnstein

Secretary – Nicole Otto

Administrator - Melanie Mondor

This financial assistance for the students is only possible with the help of volunteers in many different areas. We need your help in order to be successful. As you know, the city has made many reductions to the budget especially in the area of education and extra-curricular activities. In order to continue helping the students succeed in this school, we need your help now more than ever. We welcome you to come join us for a meeting and see what the Booster Club has to offer.

If you are interested in being a crafter at our Memorial High Booster Club Craft Fair, please contact Sue Knowles at (preferred method) or (603) 425-8083.


1. By-Laws of the MMHS Booster Club

2. Major Booster Club fundraisers

3. MMHS Booster Club Awards

4. Financial Request Form for coaches and advisers

5. MMHS Booster Club Membership Application

6. MMHS Booster Club Scholarship Application

7. June Day Scholarship Application

8. Memorial High School Booster Club on Facebook