Remote Teaching for Staff

This is an ongoing document that will be updated as needed, we will add expectations for students as we learn together in our remote environment


ALL Teachers will be available and deliver synchronous (same time/different place) and asynchronous (different time/different place) instruction during their assigned teaching block. Simply put, teachers will be working with students and delivering live instruction during their assigned time blocks.

  • This does not mean that teachers and students will be on their devices with each other for the entire length of a time block. However, after live instruction or recorded instruction is delivered to students, teachers will be available for targeted instruction and or help/assistance with their students.

  • Teachers will be utilizing Google Classroom as their learning management system (LMS) and meetings will be through the use of Google Meets and, in some cases, Zoom. Students will be able to communicate with teachers using the Google Classroom Google Meets feature (students should be familiar with this from last year, if not GOOGLE IT!).

ALL Teachers will be available for targeted intervention and help during remote learning.

  • When students need help, their teachers will identify an agreed upon time in which to deliver needed targeted instruction.

  • In order to structure this and be consistent, we are looking for teachers and students to focus on work during school hours and beyond school hours on a particular day (each teacher has a designated “after school” day).

Teachers will take attendance each block.

  • On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Teachers will take attendance in Aspen based on attendance in their online class.

  • On Wednesday’s, attendance will be taken via a google form shared by each teacher.