Remote Learning for Students

This is an ongoing document that will be updated as needed, we will add expectations for students as we learn together in our remote environment

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These will help guide us in all we do:

Virtual Meeting Atmosphere: All school rules are expected to be followed whether in person or online.

  • It is recommended that students find a space at home that is conducive for learning and interacting with students and teachers.

  • Students should mute their microphone unless they are participating in the discussion; however, the video feed should be on whenever possible.

  • The chat function should only be used for topics relating to the class; this feature should not be used to socialize with classmates during class time.

  • Cell phones and video games should be off and away during virtual meetings. Only those students enrolled in the class should be participating in the virtual meeting.

  • ***Guest appearances from visiting friends or other students will not be tolerated.

  • ***Students are prohibited from entering ANY virtual class that is not assigned to their daily schedule.

  • Be nice!

***Please note the following: Any misconduct taking place on a Zoom or Google Meeting, or intrusion into a Google Meeting will be handled as a disciplinary situation. This applies to any school-related meetings or classes. No student is permitted to share a Google Meeting link with any other student. That is the responsibility of the teacher. Also depending on the nature of the actions, we will alert authorities of the individuals and will look to press charges. Parent meetings will be necessary as well.