Athletics Department

Athletic Coordinator: Jordan D'Onofrio - Phone/Fax (603) 628-6007

Athletic Director: Christine Pariseau-Telge

Athletic Trainer: Sarah Karam

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Fall 2022 Sport Tryout Dates and Times

Golf Tryouts: Derryfield Country Club August 16th and 17th. Show up for before 11:15 for 11:50 tee time start. Be registered in Family ID (below).

First Matches 8/24, 8/30, 8/31. Get out and practice!

Coach McDonough

Athletic Coordinator: Jordan D'Onofrio - Phone/Fax (603) 628-6007

Athletic Director: Christine Pariseau-Telge

All sports sign-ups are through Family ID, fill out the forms in the link below.

Good Sportsmanship for Students and Spectators

One of the goals of high school athletics is learning lifetime values. Sportsmanship is one such value that makes participating in sports a lifetime experience. Please remember that good sports are winners. To this end, they should remember that:

1. A ticket is a privilege to attend the contest, not a license to verbally assault other and be generally obnoxious.

2. A student spectator represents his/her school the same, as does the athlete.

3. Respond with enthusiasm to the calls of the cheerleaders for yells in support of the team, especially when the team is losing.

4. Learn the rules of the various athletic games so that either as spectators or critics they will be intelligent.

5. Express disapproval of rough play or poor sportsmanship on the part of the players representing the school.

6. Express disapproval of any abusive remarks from the sidelines.

7. Recognize and applaud any exhibition of fine play or good sportsmanship on the part of the visiting team.

8. Be considerate of the injured on the visiting team.

9. Insist on the courteous treatment of the visiting team as it passes through the street or visits the local school building, and extend the members every possible courtesy.

10. Acquaint the adults of the community and the grade pupils with the ideal of sportsmanship that are acceptable to the high school.

11. Impress upon the community its responsibility for the exercise of self-control and fair play at all athletic contests.

12. Any spectator who continually demonstrates poor sportsmanship will not be allowed to attend future contests.

13. Noise makers (i.e. cow bells, horns, etc.) are not allowed at athletic contests.

14. Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or chewing tobacco will be removed from the premises by the Manchester Police Department.

15. Refrain from cheers which down-play the opponent or which use profane or abusive language.

To sign up for the concussion testing, email our Athletic Trainer, Madisen Giordano, at

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