Special Education

If you wish to contact a faculty member, please enter their voice mailbox number when dialing the school at (603) 624-6378 or click on their address below to send them an e-mail message.

Teacher Name Voice Mail E-Mail Address

Dakoulas, Stephanie S. 2251 sdakoulas@mansd.org

Korkosz, Trisha L. 2292 tkorkosz@mansd.org

Lyons, Matthew G. 2255 mlyons@mansd.org

Major, Emily 2201 emajor@mansd.org

Nelson, Tiffany 2219 tnelson@mansd.org

Petriel, Jeannine jpetriel@mansd.org

Reilly, Erin erielly@mansd.org

Russell, Michael 2273 mrussell@mansd.org

Vitiello-Villante cvitiellovillange@mansd.org