Student Assistance Program


The purpose of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to identify and help students who may be experiencing personal, family, alcohol, or other drug problems, which may be affecting their ability to perform well in school. By participating in support groups with peers who share similar concerns, students are able to learn more about their particular circumstances and develop healthier coping skills.


Confidentiality is the cornerstone of the SAP. Contact with the SAP Counselor and participation in support groups are confidential under State (R.S.A. 318-B:12-A) and Federal Laws (42C.F.R. Part 2). The only exceptions to these laws are cases of suicidal or homicidal behaviors, as well as cases of abuse or neglect.

Getting Involved

The SAP Counselor makes informational presentations to all classes in September of each school year. Students can sign up to participate in a support group, or may be referred to the SAP Counselor by friends, guidance counselors, teachers, administrators and parents. Each student then meets individually with the SAP Counselor to discuss her/his specific situation. All services are provided during the school day, and at no cost to the students.

Participation in Group

Participation in the SAP is completely voluntary. Support groups consist of about 10-15 students. Groups meet weekly on a rotating basis so students miss a different class each week. Attending an SAP group is an excused absence from class and students are expected to complete assignments and make up any missed work.

Some Examples of Available Groups

  • Family Drug/Alcohol Misuse

  • Family Stress/Violence

  • Death of a Family Member

  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety Management

  • Depression Management

  • Drug/Alcohol Misuse

  • Pregnancy/Parenting Support