ALternative Planning

Speak to your school counselor if you would like more information about alternative pathways toward earning credits, or earning a diploma.

Credit Recovery

Memorial students can recover failed credits using the Apex Learning platform. There are caps on the number of credits students can work on at one time. Students can be assigned a credit recovery block if it fits in their schedule.


Extended Learning Opportunities: students can explore and earn credit for learning activities outside of the traditional classroom.

Contact Ms. Sarah Lambert for more information

Bridge Academy

Bridge Adult Education Program through MSD. Age 16+. Limited seats. Speak to your counselor for more information.


Job's for America's Graduates. Memorial has a credit-bearing JAG program during the school year. Students need to apply to JAG and there are eligibility requirements. There are also opportunities to earn credits in the summer through JAG. Contact Mr. Cannon for more information:


The HiSET exam measures high school equivalency. This credential is an alternative to a high school diploma. 16-17 year olds can access HiSET Prep at Memorial. Stop by Room 605 for more Info. My Turn HiSET Prep classes can be used to prepare for the exam for students 18 and over. Contact JW Williams

NH Job Corps

A federally funded program that focuses on career technical training, academic training, and career success & support.