Mrs. Susan Davies

School Counseling Administrative Assistant


Mrs. Stacey Cooper-Jennings

Social Worker


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Ms. Bridget Parece-Grogan

Student Assistance Program


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Mrs. Joanne Cockerill

School Counseling Coordinator

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Mr. Richard Robitaille

School Counselor

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Mrs. Alison Mattson

School Counselor

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Mr. Jonathan LeBlanc

School Counselor

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Mrs. Magdalena Czaplinski

School Counselor

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Mr. Teri Gatzoulis

School Counselor

Special Services


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1. Personal Issue Counseling

Counselors are ready to discuss issues that pertain to life, both in and out of school and the classroom. Students are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with their counselor when needed. Often parents, teachers, and students consult with counselors on personal issues. When necessary, referrals are made to appropriate professionals or offices.

2. Course Selection/Graduation Advice

Students need twenty (20) credits and eight (8) semesters to graduate from public high school in the City of Manchester. Thirteen (13) of them are required by the State of New Hampshire. Counselors are available to assist students with their course selections. As career and college requirements vary, it is wise to discuss course selections with parents, family members and counselors.

3. Two/Four Year College Planning

Counselors meet students individually and in groups to discuss academic requirements and admission standards for two and four year colleges. Students are advised to take the tests required for admission and the college application process is explained to them. Colleges prefer applicants who have taken a challenging high school program, who have demonstrated a good work ethic, who have shown the development of skills and knowledge through a solid grade point average. In addition, there are many colleges that will accept students with average grades who have demonstrated particular skills or exceptional qualities of character and leadership. For a suggested listing of courses, click here or view our Program of Studies.

4. Military Recruitment

United States military recruiters make an appointment, through the guidance administrative assistant, to visit the high school on a semi-regular basis. It is customary for all recruiters to set up displays in the student cafeteria during the lunch periods to show and speak with interested students about careers in the armed services.

5. Scholarship Information

Students are encouraged to apply for all scholarships for which they are qualified. A number of sources provide the school with applications or information on where to obtain applications. Parents and students are encouraged to look at their employer, labor unions, church, or fraternal organizations as possible sources for financial aid.

A SCHOLARSHIP BULLETIN is posted regularly during the year to advertise the scholarships that are available. These are posted on the scholarship bulletin board as well as other locations around the school. Other information regarding the financial aid process is also posted. Please check back often for updated college visit and other guidance information throughout the school year.

6. Requirements for Participation in College Athletics

Students who plan to participate in Division I or Division II college athletics must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center ( The Eligibility Center issues a preliminary certification report to the college once all your materials have been submitted. After you graduate, the Eligibility Center reviews your final transcript to make a final certification decision according to NCAA standards. For a list of subjects that are recommended for high school study in preparation for college, click here.

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