MMHS Clubs & Organizations

Manchester Memorial High School offers a wide variety of clubs and service organizations that students can either join or be selected to during their high school years. A complete listing is shown below.

Anime Club Mr. Robert Fuller Varies RM 319 15-20 students No To learn about animation
Chemistry Club Mrs. Pauline Thibeault WED, 3:00 PM RM 409 12-20 students No To further the skills of those who wish to pursue a field of chemistry.
Crusader Players (Drama Club) Mrs. Ruth Nice WED, 7:15 AM RM 505 15-20 students No Organization that prepares theatrical plays and yearly musicals
The Memorial Crusader Mr. Ronald Budway & Mrs. Amy Christopher WED, 3:00 PM RM 702 Approx 30-65 students No Create and publish six issues of the student newspaper
DECA Mr. James Colby & Ms. Kristin Travers Co-curricular; work is done in class RM 511 & The Crusader Castle Approx. 75 students Yes DECA provides leadership development, community service, skill assessment, and academic skill development
The Excalibur Mr. Ronald Budway & Mrs. Amy Christopher THU, 3:00 PM  RM 105 Approx 35 students No Create and publish the annual MMHS yearbook
FIRST Mr. Brian Foote TUE evenings RM 708 25-30 students No Build a robot designed to do specific tasks within a 6 week period; attend local, regional and national competitions
Key Club Ms. Cassandra Thomas MON, 3:00 PM RM 405 20-30 students $13 dues Organization focused on local community service projects
Art National Honor Society Mrs. Jane Tentas THU, 3:00 - 3:30 PM RM 701 15-20 students No Open only to students taking art; to inspire and recognize students who have shown ability in art and to increase opportunities to show work
Latin National Honor Society Mrs. Christina Clements Monthly meetings based on schedule RM 112 40-50 students $6.00 dues Open only to students enrolled in Latin; promotes ancient Roman and Greek cultures
Latin Dance Club Mr. Jean-Remy Neptune FRI, 3:00 PM RM 402 25-30 students None Open to students interested in learning Latino style dances
National Honor Society Mrs. Michelle Lincoln 2nd THU of each month RM 806 30-60 students $20.00 dues Open to juniors and seniors who meet eligibility requirements are invited to apply; must also meet other specific requirements
The Paraphernalia Ms. Jillian Armstrong THU, 3:00 - 4:00 PM RM 601 12-15 students  No Create and publish the school's literary magazine
PRIDE Ms. Lauren Schulz WED, 3:00 - 4:00 PM RM 111 15-20 students No Organization that focuses on the acceptance of all cultures of our school
Recycling Club Ms. Danielle Foley THU, 3:00 PM RM 610 15-20 students  No Participate in the city-wide recycling program for conservation of natural resources
Student Council Mrs. Beth Dooly TUE, 7:10 AM RM 606 75-100 students No Community involvement; community service, school spirit promotions; student life activities coordination
Video Game Club Mr. Jeffrey Normandin MON, 3:00 PM RM 509 15-20 students  No An introduction for students to valuable tools needed for designing and distributing video games

Club listing is subject to change based on participation and interest.